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Calamity James

Series 4 Ep 1

Since this community is a bit dead and since Series 4 started last night, I thought I'd try to start a discussion.

What did everyone think of last night's episode, then?

I liked the way Series 4 is set to pan out. Although I'm sad that Kev and Veronica are no longer the neighbours, I think the Maguires will make an excellent replacement, and the way Marty and Sue became attached to the Romanian baby, I don't think Kev and Veronica will be gone for long.

The return of Monica was brilliant and the friction between her and Debbie I think highlights how the Gallagher household is a matriarchy (Monica was the head of the household untill she left, then it was left to Fiona to be in charge of everything, untill of course she left leaving Debbie in charge), but Debbie is still too young for the full responsibility and frequently made mistakes (such as when she convinced everyone Liam had cancer) so when she tries playing the machiavellian game and calling the police and blaming it on Monica she fails and reverts back to childhood and crying in her wardrobe. She has to be coaxed out and it seems by the end she's begrudged to share the role of the head of the household with her mother.

Norma squatting in the van is a brilliant idea. I'd like to know more about her backstory.

Also I'd like to know more about the Maguire family, more backstory, as from the scenes in their bedroom Paddy and Mimi clearly have great affection for each other even if they treat everyone (including their own offspring) as a means to an end.

Although what I'm not sure if I liked or not was the seeming 'quick fixes' for solving problems, such as Jody Latham who plays Lip actually being 24, so they suddenly make Lip leap forward from being 18 to 19 by Frank being to pissed to bother registering the birth of his son back in 1988. Although it is funny, I kind of feel it helps take away the escapism and makes you more aware its a TV show. But whatever.

What did everyone else think?
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